Curating the Best of WWII

Filming motion pictures at NAS Norfolk, VA. Cameraman Vebo V. Valenzio. Date: 1942.

History is Huge! It’s a broad spectrum of diverse events far too large for one blog-site to cover. Just as a college professor tells his students to narrow their focus down to something more specific and manageable, I shall do the same.

For 2015 this blog will focus on the events of World War Two (WWII) and all its various related subject matter. The choice was simple since I’m already working on a novel inspired by Holocaust Survivors from Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland.

From time to time I will add other historical subjects for variety and for the sake of fun. My goal, however, is to be a WWII curating site that gathers the best that the World Wide Web has to offer. Please don’t be shy about sharing.

“Research is a treasure hunt, made richer in the company of like-minded folks.”


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    As the daughter of a WWII Vet, Pearl Harbor Survivor & career Navy pilot, and with my fascination for the Third Reich (in a strange twist of interest), I’m keeping my eye on this blog. I know I’ll learn much. Go for it, Eileen. (Love the movie camera!)

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