Ancient words of Dead Sea Scrolls – Qumran

Creativity makes my soul sing. The word itself feels good on my lips. Its syllables stretch my mouth even as they stir my imagination. Someone once asked me what my favorite word was. I have dozens. Amphibian. Onomatopoeia. Babushka. Coif. Guffaw. Zither. But Creativity tops the list. It’s the plucking of the chord that brings music to my inner ear. It’s the coalescing of colors on a page that delights my eyes. It’s the flight of my fingers across a keyboard that transforms mental images into words and thoughts and scenes. It’s the thrill of discovery.

It’s God in me.

After all, God made us in His own image. Elohim – The Creator – is the part of God I relate to best. He is the Master Artist, the World’s Best-Selling Author, the Maestro, the Great I AM who made everything out of nothing. No Thing. Nada. Zilch. Poof.

“… who gives life to the dead and calls into existence the things that do not exist.” (Colossians. 4:17)

God spoke the invisible into being. His words have explosive power. So do words on a page. As his vessels on earth, our words create too. Words are the clay of the writer’s craft – words and ideas and creativity. Today is another day to see what will stir the imagination.

It’s playtime!

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